The Breach

A new take on Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ showcasing the darker side of the British King’s campaign of war, highlighting the trauma and horror it caused, The Breach was set in a post-apocalyptic not too distant future, grimy and industrial, which Director Charlotte Turner-McMullen wanted reflected in the sound design.

The brief was to provide a collection of dance tracks which reflected the design of the performance. I fulfilled this with 6 tracks, all fitting a different niche. I drew heavily from the genres drum and bass and dubstep (or more broadly 140) as well as subgenres within those two, for example half-time. The Bristol scene and sounds from it also heavily influenced my production choices; artists such as Khan & Neek, as well as Pinch.

The tracks were implemented during a number of fight scenes, with Charlotte choreographing a piece of movement to ‘Sewers’ to illustrate the scenes of battle, as well as being used as an underscore to monologues such as ‘Ben Frost’s New Shoes’ use during a poignant moment when the chorus recounts the brutal aftermath of a ‘successful’ campaign by King Henry.

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